We use this quality to describe the amount of color in a wood. Woods that are very rich show deep and often dark colors. Rich woods exude charisma and professionalism.


Shimmer is used to describe woods that will reflect light differently when moved, this provides a sparkling, or cat-eye effect. This effect makes light dance on the surface like a gem. Woods with high amounts of shimmer emanate an aura of luxury and extravagance.


Variegation refers to the intensity of streaking, or grain pattern of the wood. Woods without much variegation have a consistent pattern while woods with higher levels of variegation show greater grain contrast. Highly variegated woods demand attention and can appear wild in colors.

Ancient Kauri Light tan and browns, very small darker spots and streaks Low High Medium
Bubinga Light reddish brown, dark red streaking High Low High
Bog Oak Dark black/brown with lighter color streaks Medium Low High
East Indian Rosewood Very dark purplish brown Medium Low Low
Ebony A mix of black and dark brown, brown is more yellow than red High Low Medium
Etimoe Reddish brown, small streaks, consistant pores High Low Medium
Kingwood Dark reddish brown, black streaks Intense Low Medium
Koa Orange brown, slight reddish shift Medium High Medium
Lyptus Brownish red with golden red streaks Medium Medium Low
Mahogany Darker oragnish brown Medium High Medium
Maple Very light yellow, almost white, contrasts well with dark woods Low Low Low
Narra Medium darkness red, medium grain contrast Medium Low Medium
Purpleheart Vibrant to dark purple, low grain definition High Low Low
Red Cedar Light red that will darken a bit over time. Medium Low Low
Sapele Light orangish brown with consistent pores and small streaks High Intense High
Shimmering Etimoe Light golden brown, long slightly darker sections, small streaks Medium Intense Medium
Sweetgum Light brown and tan, slight orange shift at times Low Low Medium
Teak Slightly orangish brown with darker streaks Medium Low Medium
Walnut Medium brown with a slight yellow shift Medium Low Medium
Wenge Dark brown with lighter, long streaks High Low High
Zebrawood Light brown with long dark brown streaks, small dark spotting. Medium Medium Intense
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