What customer are saying

Keegan Says

I've already recommended your company to a friend who is also getting married this summer. I was never excited or even interested in wearing a ring until I found your website. The unique style and quality of your brand and product is far superior than anything else I've seen, and I can't wait to start wearing a ring with more originality and practicality than any of the rings I've seen at the jewelry stores. It's exactly what I was looking for and I didn't even know it until I started looking into wooden rings. As a guy who doesn't like flashy jewelry, or want to overpay for something that isn't much different than what the next guy is wearing, I just want to say thank you for making this product, and having excellent customer service. You rock!

Nolan says

Just wanted to say we received our rings yesterday and we are absolutely delighted.  They are beautiful and exactly what we were looking for.
Thanks you again for the excellent service.

Everitt says

The replacement ring just arrived, even sooner than expected. It fits PERFECTLY. I can't thank you enough for your superlative design, craftsmanship, and customer service. I hope you're still making rings when my future children need rings of their own.

Kirk says

We are super stoked and buzzing with our rings. Thank you very much! They look awesome and fit perfectly. Your service was so fast and the quality so professional that we don't want to have to wait until the wedding day in Summer and just want to wear them now!

Sue says

It will be hard for me to properly convey the gushing praise I have for the set of rings you made for us. Beyond beautiful and more, so much more, than I expected. They fit perfectly.

Mike says

Thanks for the new ring and great work on the refinishing. Love your products and have already got the word out to as many as I could. Thanks a million!

Robert Says
Just wanted to let you know the ring turned out perfectly. It is a thing of beauty.
Liam says

I ordered a pair of the bog oak rings and I just wanted to tell you thank you. We love them. You were so easy to order from and they were so affordable. I have a feeling that as they age and become worn they will be just as beautiful. Thank you again!

Schelly says

Got my husband's band in and it is beautiful, and it fits!

Denise says

We received the exchange ring. It is beautiful and fits great on my boyfriend. He is very happy and has already been receiving compliments. We plan on ordering from WoodAround again and have been referring people when they ask.

Matt  says

I just had to let you know that I received my Kingwood & Maple ring. It is a wonderfully beautiful ring. It fits perfect and comfortable. I am recommending your amazing rings to everyone I know. Thank you so much.

Daniele  says

I do have to say that I am VERY impressed with woodaround as a whole. Not only are the rings bad ass but you guys make it so easy and guilt-free to make exchanges. Just thought you deserve a little credit. I've recently recommended your rings to a lot of my clients and friends and I will continue to do so. Thanks again for making this so easy. One less thing to think/stress about when preparing for the big day:)

Kris  says

I was blown away by the quality and durability of my ring. The pictures on the website looked great, but I was still surprised at how good the ring looks in person. It’s also incredibly durable; In the couple months that I’ve had it now, I’ve worn it through yard work and other harsh activities, and whereas my metal rings got scuffed easily and lost their polish, this ring barely shows any wear. I highly recommend this site to anyone who is interested in getting a new ring; these rings are amazing.

Hannah  says

I received Ben's ring! Thank you for such a great piece, I'm truly impressed. He won't get to see it until our wedding day... I can't wait to give it to him! I think it truly reflects his style. My mother is now looking at your website to possibly get one for my dad (he hasn't been able to wear his ring in years!). Thank you for being awesome to work with.

Cole  says
Just got our rings and we are so excited to see quality and craftsmanship. Very subtle and stylish. Thanks for the constant updates and help keeping a surprise. Got to run, we've got to go show them off!
Ricci  says

The ring is a Perfect fit and looks amazing on my husband. He was on a work trip when it came in so I took a peek. When I read the inscription, even though I knew what it would say, I teared up. The beauty of the ring and the words couldn't be better, ever. We're simple people, not wealthy either, and this makes the Love of My Life look and feel like a million bucks. Thank you again and again and again...more than words can say...

Heather  says

These [wooden rings] are actually extremely well priced. If you search for other wooden crafted rings, you are looking at a much higher cost. I bought this exact [kingwood] ring for my husband for Christmas. The guy is hard on everything he owns, And so far, the kingswood ring has held up to water, chemicals, sweat and other bang-up things much better than I expected.

Lauren  &  Josh  say

When Lauren and I decided to travel the world, we needed to leave our wedding rings behind. We still had a desire to wear rings and we chose a set from WoodAround. I chose Bubinga and Lauren opted for Zebrawood and Walnut. From the mean streets of New York City to rafting the Ganges in the foothills of the Himalayas to kayaking the open water in the south bays of Thailand to a motorbike tour through Vietnam, the superior craftsmanship of the rings have withstood all conditions as well as any precious metal. Additionally, the natural beauty of the woods have garnered compliments from all over the world. Choosing the symbols commemorating our commitments to each other while on our travels was an important one and we couldn't be happier with our rings from WoodAround.

Todd,  Monica  &  Luca  say

We absolutely love our matching set of Kingwood & Maple family rings. WoodAround rings have an understated, unique beauty that can only come from careful, precise craftsmanship… these rings are obviously made with lots of love. They’re also light, smooth and comfortable, but with an extremely durable feel. In addition, they’re versatile enough to cover all the bases from a very impressive gift to a very classy, one-of-a-kind wedding band. We get tons of compliments.

Kraig  says

The first thing that caught my attention with the ring was the beauty of it. My ring is made of Kingwood, which is in the same family as the wood guitars are made of. Being a guitar player myself it really hit home so I got a ring. Honestly, I couldn't be happier. Its lighter than the steel ring I was wearing & it doesn't slip around on my finger. I was wondering how durable the ring would be, but I can tell you i've been wearing the ring for a month and haven't taken it off once, there isn't a single imperfection on the ring. No scratches, chipping, nothing. It still looks brand new.

AnnElise  &  Pete  say

I purchased two macassar ebony rings for myself and my husband for our first anniversary, and they are just lovely! The rings were made from the same piece of wood, which made for an extra special touch. My husband loves the natural wood tone, as well as the light weight of the ring. The rings have proven to be very durable, and hold up well for everyday wear - and we get a ton of compliments! These rings are great for anyone who likes unique jewelry.

Todd  Says

There is barely a day that goes by that someone doesn't compliment me on my ring.  I get lots of questions, too.  Where did I get it?  What's it made of?  Does it hold up well?  Yes, WoodAround is the best!  This is truly the most unique and beautiful gift I've gotten, and I'm looking forward to enjoying it for 50 more years!

Danielle  Says

Seriously I'm obsessed with these wood rings! This guy produces quality pieces! Please take a look you won't be disappointed. I get compliments every day on the two I wear. Oh yeah and the presentation...!!!!!


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