Frequently Asked Questions

How  can  wooden  rings  be  strong  and  durable?

The reason our rings are so strong is because we wrap the wood around the circumference of the ring - building strengthening layers. This is a major difference from other weaker wooden rings on the market that are produced from simply drilling a hole in wood and rounding over the edges. Our finishing process also makes the wooden rings far more durable than others being produced, it not only increases strength but also keeps the rings waterproof for years to come. Click here to read more about the process.

Are  the  wooden  rings  waterproof?

Yes. Our wooden rings have been waterproofed from the inside-out using specialized techniques. The rings also have a durable and waterproof finish applied after being sealed. Click here to read more about the process.

What  is  the  difference  between  the  three  widths  offered?
Mahogany wood rings

We offer three widths of approximately 8mm, 6mm, and 4mm wide. The difference is shown in this image of Mahogany wood rings with 8mm wide on the left, 6mm wide in the middle, and 4mm wide on the right. The width does not change the thickness of the ring, all of our rings are about 2mm or less in thickness.

How  should  I  care  for  my  wooden  ring?

We recommend people wear their ring as normal, enjoy the natural beauty and not worry too much. To reduce chances of scratching the ring you may want to remove it when carrying sharp objects, or gripping textured metal tightly like during weight lifting (things that will also scratch gold rings). Our rings will not be harmed by washing, submersion in water, or even most harsh chemicals. Some people ask about applying wax or other compounds, but we say not to bother - our rings don't need it and it will wash off with the next hand washing anyway!

Can  I  wear  a  wooden  ring  as  a  daily  wedding  band?

Yes, this is the most common purpose for our rings. Some people, especially people with jobs that involve intense handwork may wish to reserve their wooden ring for special occasions.

Are  these  rings  made  from  real  wood?

Yes, we use 100% real wood, no fake wood grain or materials like that are used.

Is  the  wood  stained  or  colored?

No, we do not use any stains, dyes, or any other artificial colors. All colors are 100% naturally found in the wood, these exotic woods grow to produce a magnificent appearance.

Can  I  request  the  wood  used  to  look  like  one  of  the  pictured  rings?

If you would like the wood used on your ring to look like a specific pictured ring leave a note in in the instructions box after adding it to your cart. While we can't always accommodate these requests we will try to get as close as possible. Please describe which picture fully.

How  can  I  determine  my  ring  size?

If you are unsure of your ring size you can order a ring sizer from us here: Ring Sizer. You could also find a local jewelry store and ask them to help you measure the size.

My  ring  size  is  a  quarter  size,  or  in-between  size,  can  I  still  order?

We can do quarter sizes no problem, we just have the standard sizes listed for simplicity. If you need a quarter size just order the nearest size and let us know in the "Special Instructions" box on your cart page. 

How  much  does  shipping  cost?

All items are shipped for free within the US and Canada.

Are  rings  sets  made  from  the  same  piece  of  wood?

Yes! If you order multiple rings that include the same woods, they will always be made from the same piece and thus the same tree. How is that for a natural bond between rings!

How  will  my  ring(s)  be  packaged?

Rings will be shipped in high-quality hardwood boxes. The wooden ring box will then be packed in a white packing box, wrapped in protective packaging and enclosed in a shipping box. The shipping box will be discrete and use only 'WA" as return name, making gifts easy to keep secret. Single rings will include the ring box on the left below, ring sets will include the box on the right. If you order a set and would prefer two single ring boxes just let us know and we will ship them that way.


I  am  scared  of  ordering  the  wrong  size,  can  my  wooden  ring  be  resized?

Our wooden rings cannot be resized, but fear not! If your ring does not fit the way you would like, contact us here or email us at We will make you a replacement ring of a slightly different size in exchange for the old one. We will even send you a packet for returning the ring, postage already prepaid. Read more here: Returns & Exchanges


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